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  • Local Applicants

    At present, local resident companies and nationals can secure the registration of their trademarks by filing an application before The Ministry of Economic Development, Maldives.

  • Foreign Applicants

    At present, there is no specific law governing the protection of trademark registration in the Maldives. Thus, trademark protection is acquired by Common Law, i.e. by publishing a cautionary notice in local newspapers in both English and Dhivehi language.


  • The Maldives is traditionally wealthy and scenic country thronged with tourists virtually across the year.
  • It is imperative to notice that the native market and handicrafts have played an indispensable role in the blooming and thriving economy of the country.
  • As the economy is getting more integrated and interconnected with the globalization, it is a matter of great consequences to ensure the economic well- being of Intellectual Property to use it well from an ethical viewpoint too.
  • Because of the continuous disregard for Intellectual Property Rights over the years by the Govt. of Maldives, copious jurisprudence is currently in the process and are yet to be sanctioned and legalized.
  • In the Maldives, The Ministry of Economic Development (MED) superintends the formulation of all laws and policies pertaining to trade and economy, including intellectual property rights of individual or business entities.
  • In order to educate businesses, investors, entrepreneurs, public and other stakeholders on all aspects of IP rights, an Intellectual Property Unit within, The Ministry of Economic Development was established in 2007.
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