5 Vital Things to Consider Before Applying for a Patent

On the path from just an idea to inventing success, there are undoubtedly many pitfalls that can disturb our way. Sadly, one of the biggest pitfalls is incomplete knowledge. There are a lot of things that we as inventors should know. From the importance of patenting our invention to How to Apply for a Patent and understanding the role of patent protection are some obvious things with which we should be familiar. What follows, however, are the five things that inventors must know and understand when they intend to file a patent application.

Five Key Points to Consider When You File a Patent Application

  1. Comprehend ‘Why Are You Doing This?’: People often take patent filing as just a task related to their invention, and thus, go with the flow and apply for a patent. Well, it is not at all a good idea, you should always actively engage in the patent process after gathering complete information as, after all, it’s the matter of your invention’s protection. Comprehend what patents are for, how can they profit your business, what do you expect from them, etc. In general, you may want to file a patent application for several reasons. For instance, an issued patent grants you exclusive rights to stop infringers. Your patent application, whether it ends up with a granted patent or not, acts as a public prior art document that prevents others from filing a patent application for a similar thing in the future. A patent portfolio shows your seriousness about the protection of your IP and can boost your company’s reputation and prestige.
  2. Opt for Precise Filing Method: When it comes to the patent filing, you will find several approaches. Although it is a straightforward decision that you can easily make depending on your needs, gathering information regarding each method will be advantageous. You can opt for filing the non-provisional patent application, Provisional Patent Application, international patent application, PCT application, or Design Patent
  3. Prefer Working Under Supervision of Your Patent Attorney: Your patent lawyer do it for a living and strive to serve you with remarkable profits. Hence, he or she is a valuable asset in this whole Patent Process. Never hesitate to ask questions and clear your doubts. Besides, stay in touch throughout your application preparation process. Ensure that your attorney will prepare the final application based on your disclosure as it will make things go right and the procedure easier. The lawyers can’t read minds, and therefore, possibly need your help to explain everything in your application adequately. Ask your engineers and inventors to spend some time helping them. Don’t forget to make your attorney aware of what you consider to be the ‘inventive’ part of your invention and what differentiates it from the others’ already invented assets. Your lawyer assuredly knows that the application requires multiple details described precisely, and creates it in the same way. However, being careful and ensuring that everything goes correctly and politely on your part is also essential to avoid possible issues due to the use of stern language.
  4. Don’t Miss Out to Review the Draft Application: After preparation of the application when you are about to file it, you should review everything to ensure completeness and accuracy. Make sure that nothing important is missing, and the description describes every aspect of your invention such that all who go through it can understand the same. Moreover, emphasize substance more than style, i.e., though stylish and eye-catchy, yet if something seems weird, consult your attorney about it.
  5. Get Familiarized with Deadlines and Apt Timings: An experienced and knowledgeable solicitor is the best person to tell and explain these to you. Nevertheless, some imperative deadlines and timings as per the US Patent Law state that it’ll be in your best interest to apply for a patent before disclosing the invention to anyone. Furthermore, if you wish to prioritize your application officially at the USPTO, you have to do so on the day you apply, as it will not be possible later. Foreign and PCT patent applications need to be filed within a few months of the initial US patent application.


Although applying for a patent is a gratifying and proud process, it can be time-consuming and difficult. But if you stay updated with the day-to-day reforms surrounding the IP industry and consider the five points mentioned above, there will be no or hardly anything that prevents you from obtaining robust patent protection. Furthermore, stay confident to consult an Intellectual Property Law Firm or IP Attorney if you have any other query. Good Luck! For more visit: https://www.trademarkmaldives.com

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