Apple Possibly Have Taken Control of ‘AirTag’ Trademark

Rumors of an Apple-branded tile-like tracking device have been circulating for months, and now it appears that the device could be named as AirTag. References to AirTag found within the iOS 13.2 update hints that this tile-like device may appear very soon. Apart from a lot of rumors about this device, a trademark for ‘AirTag’ has also been found. According to several reports, a Russian firm filed a Trademark Application for ‘AirTag’ in October 2018.

Filed with USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office), the application appears very similar to what people have been expecting Apple to reveal for some time. It includes systems of radio frequency identification (RFID) comprised of RFID tags in the form of cards, key rings, tags. It also encompasses RFID markers in the form of RFID signal receivers, downloadable software for operating RFID readers, blank smart cards with ICs (integrated circuits), etc. All these systems and things are intended to be designed for enabling users to identify them automatically for obtaining keyless access control over interlocking doors and various services like public transportation, social events, banking, and more.

After a few back-and-forths, the application was approved in August 2019. Following that, the links to Apple begun to appear on 28th August. On 28th August 2019, when an official notice stating that the same application would be published on 17th September 2019 has been provided, the attorney representing the trademark application changed to the Moscow office of Baker & McKenzie, a firm with which Apple has worked on several occasions and in different countries.

Indeed, that wasn’t the application’s final resting place. Instead, around one month later, i.e., on 1st October 2019, it moved again and has been officially transferred to a company named as GPS Avion LLC. It is a firm that was just created in July 2019 and appeared to have no public presence. GPS Avion LLC was created in Delaware by the Corporation Trust Company, which is a process Apple has deployed quite a few times to build shell companies to hide its identity while dealing with Intellectual Property (IP) issues.

Nevertheless, none of the facts finally confirms that Apple holds the trademark for AirTag, but they altogether do show that someone does. Besides, the use of AirTag by Apple in iOS 13.2 generates high possibilities that the company is related to Apple in one or the other way.

Undoubtedly, the recent media event that had held in October hadn’t mentioned anything about AirTags or Tile-like features, but considering iOS 13.2 references the new tracking accessory, we expect that AirTags would be announced soon, possibly even this week. For more visit:

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