Ather Energy Secures Patent for Light-weight Charging Connector for EVs

An Indian Electric Two-wheelers Company, Ather Energy Pvt. Ltd., has recently secured a patent for a compact, ergonomic, and light-weight charging connector to recharge small EVs (Electric Vehicles) and power banks.

According to the Patent Application filed with the Patent Office in June 2017, the connector will include a charging socket mounted on the hand-held unit with an angular grip for ease of use. The firm also has plans to charge the EVs or storage units and communicate data like the proximity data, weather data, vehicle data, battery data, user data, temperature, etc., among others between the device and the power source.

The company explained that EVs are powered using batteries and need to be recharged after the charge stored in the batteries gets consumed. Currently, most of the commonly used electric devices are required to be taken to charging stations for recharging as almost all charging connectors available for charging vehicles nowadays are big, bulky, and designed for large vehicles like cars, buses, trucks, etc. Moreover, the existing charging stations have a ton of shortcomings such as non-standardized charging connectors, shortage of power supply, and the size and weight of the connectors. The big and bulky charging connectors lack in ergonomics aspect and become less useful for small EVs, Ather submitted.

The company, in the application to obtain Patent Protection for its Light-weight Charging Connector for EVs, also explained that as electric vehicles are increasing worldwide, the problems related to their use and maintenance are also multiplying. And, Ather’s new invention aims at resolving the issues with the size and weight of the connectors, it said, adding that to address and lessen the drawbacks, there’s a need for a compact, light-weight, and ergonomic charging connectors.

Ather Energy has actively been developing AtherGrid, a charging network that not just has a presence in Bengaluru and Chennai, but is in expansion mode as well. Present in around 10 locations in Chennai and 30 locations in Bengaluru, AtherGrid is aimed at providing safe, fast, and reliable charging for all EVs, not only the Ather vehicles.

Like Chennai and Bengaluru, Ather will soon equip other markets with its several fast charging Ather Grid points and experience centers, before the deliveries that are planned in the third quarter of the year 2020. It is predicted that the Ather Grid would be available at locations such as malls, supermarkets, cafes, and tech parks. For more visit:

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