eBay Steps Into the Metaverse and NFTs with Trademark Application Filings

The American multinational e-commerce company, eBay, is the latest mainstream brand to step into the metaverse by filing various Trademark Applications for different products.

The e-commerce giant has applied trademarks for:

  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), NFT Exchanges, and NFT Trading
  • Virtual Goods Marketplaces
  • Online Retail Stores with Physical & Virtual Goods

The trademark applications for the same were submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on 23rd June 2022. The news of these trademark applications was revealed by licensed Trademark Attorney Michael Kondoudis on 28th June 2022 in a tweet.

An overview of the trademark applications filed shows that eBay is looking forward to offering products like an interactive website in the metaverse, enabling users to engage with digital assets on the blockchain. Besides, the e-commerce company has plans to provide exchange services concerning NFTs.

As the concept of the metaverse is growing at a high pace, e-commerce platforms are lining up to be among the significant beneficiaries providing features like personalized experience for customers and secure customer engagement while enhancing customer experience.

Noticeably, the e-commerce giant’s venture into the metaverse might ramp up its overall business and attract new potential customers as it battles the ongoing economic meltdown.

As per multiple reports, eBay’s stock had been downgraded on June 28th after losing over 30 percent of its value year to date despite being a pioneer marketplace.

eBay’s competitor Amazon has also suggested its interest in the metaverse by disclosing plans to improve customer experience through an augmented virtual room called Amazon View. The product shows customers the basic layout of their homes in 3D.

Nowadays, most brands and businesses belonging to different industries are entering the metaverse, primarily driven by the need to increase customer interaction. Much recently, the world’s leading chocolate manufacturer, Mars Inc., filed for an NFT trademark application for its widely recognized brand M&M.

Other companies investing in the metaverse include fast-food chains such as KFC and McDonald’s. The DeLorean Motor Company, notably the DMC DeLorean, filed two NFT trademark applications this year in May.

All in all, such trademark applications have accelerated, with reports suggesting that NFT-related trademarks in the US surpassed 4,000 between 1st January 2022 and 31st May 2022. For more visit: https://www.trademarkmaldives.com

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