Fast Food Giant McDonald’s Files Trademark Applications in Metaverse

According to a recent report, the world’s largest fast-food restaurant chain, McDonald’s, has filed Trademark Applications for virtual restaurants in the metaverse. The American multinational fast food corporation has filed ten trademark applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the McDonald’s brand and McCafe earlier this month. The report mentions that McDonald’s, which owns more than 39,000 outlets in about 100 countries globally, has claimed that it will be able to deliver food in person and online using these trademarks.

The report states that the trademarks filed are for virtual food and beverage products. It also describes them as operating a virtual restaurant online with a home delivery feature.

As per the report, other brand offshoots like entertainment and events, which use the McDonald’s and McCafe names, have been trademarked and include online actual and virtual concerts.

Trademark lawyer Josh Gerben tweeted with the descriptions of the trademarks in question that if a person is hanging out in the metaverse and feels hungry, he doesn’t have to put down his headset; all he has to do is walk into a McDonald’s outlet and place his order, which shall arrive at his door a little while later.

According to the experts, it will now take somewhere around eight months before the USPTO approves the said trademark applications.

Gerben believes that every other widely recognized brand or business would be seen making similar trademark filings within the next twelve months. He further stated that any brand or business that wants to be the next blockbuster could never afford to ignore any new technology in the market.

The American multinational technology conglomerate Facebook, now recognized and doing business as Meta, has already opened up its metaverse world called Horizon Worlds. Even Microsoft has some plans to open up a metaverse version of its Teams app pretty soon.

The report has mentioned that smaller companies can also put their foot forward in this direction by buying their own space in ready-made metaverse platforms like Mirandus, Decentraland, and Sandbox. Many companies and firms are doing so to stake their claim that too without figuring out how to use this new technology for extracting the maximum benefits. For more visit:

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