Huawei Files Trademark Application for Mate Watch Brand

Despite all the ongoing issues at hand, the Chinese Multinational Technology Company, Huawei, doesn’t seem to stop at all. The company refuses to give up at no cost and has efficiently begun its preparations to expand the Huawei Mate lineup with a brand new category of devices.

The Chinese tech giant has quite recently filed a Trademark Application for a new smartwatch known as “Mate Watch.” The trademark is filed under the international trademark classification 9, which includes PCs and various other electronic gadgets. The trademark application is found in the database of authority for registration of trademarks. At present, the Huawei Mate line consists of flagship smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

This year in January, Huawei also successfully registered the MatePod brand, under which the company can effectively begin its production of wireless headphones. As per various reports and speculations, the Chinese tech giant is very much likely to release its new smartwatches under the Huawei Mate Watch brand name. However, it is still not evident as to how the Huawei Mate Watch shall be different from the Watch GT series’ devices. Many experts believe that it may either be a completely new flagship watch series or a simplified continuation of the Watch GT series.

Last year in April, the company came up with the brand new version of the Watch GT2e in the market; however, its top model, Watch GT 2, was released at a later stage in October 2019 in two different sizes – 42mm and 46mm. Therefore, the upcoming smartwatch has only two aspects associated with it – it will be an entirely new, premium device, which will, in turn, either complement the current versions or replace the already existing Watch GT series.

As of now, Huawei has not officially put forward any comments on this matter. Hence, any specific details of the upcoming smartwatch are way too scarce at the moment. It may be possible that the Chinese tech giant has registered its proposed name “Mate Watch” as a trademark only to prevent the other brands in the market from using the same. Besides, it is very much likely for the new Mate smartwatch to make its debut alongside Huawei’s upcoming Mate 40 series later this year. For more visit:

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