Imagion Biosystems Obtains Patent from India

Imagion Biosystems Limited, an Australian firm dedicated to improving healthcare through early detection and research for diseases like cancer by using the latest diagnostic imaging technology, has recently obtained a patent from India. By bringing biotechnology and nanotechnology together, Imagion aims to recognize cancer and other diseases earlier, thus making it possible for the patient to recover at the early stages.

The recent patent – #320872 – from the Indian Patent Office has been issued for the company’s core Intellectual Property (IP) associated with detection, analysis, and imaging of diseases by using magnetic nanoparticles. The new patent has added India to the Imagion’s existing global market coverage, including Australia, Israel, Russia, Japan, and the US. And, if we talk about the term of this newly issued Indian patent, then it extends to the year 2030.

As per the data provided by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the number of patients getting a diagnosis of this disease in India is expected to increase to 1.41 million by 2026 from 1.15 million in 2018. Alongside these statistics, the Indian Council of Medical Research abbreviated as ICMR has reported that lung cancer and breast cancer are the two most common cancers from which the residents in the country often suffer. It also stated that around sixty percent of patients having breast cancer get diagnosed in the late stages.

Bob Proulx, Executive Chairman of Imagion Biosystems Limited, said that this patent grant is a significant addition to their IP portfolio. He added that sadly, the cases of cancer (particularly breast cancer) in India following the rest of the world are continuously and rapidly growing. In nations like India, where the diagnosis usually occurs at late stages, there is a remarkable opportunity to impact the survival rates. Thus, their technology to detect disease at the early stages without using radiation or invasive procedures appears to meet an unmet need in the areas of cancer diagnosis and management.

The current focus of ImagionBiosystems is on diagnostic imaging addressing a $2 billion market globally. In the specific, the Imagion’s magnetic nanoparticles technology looks emphasizing lung, breast, prostate, and ovarian cancers.

It is expected that due to the large size of the population and its continuous growth, along with the development of the new cancer diagnostic technology in India, the nation will soon become a growing part of the addressable global market.  For more visit:

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