Lizzo Accused of Copyright Infringement over CeCe Peniston’s Iconic Hit

After being accused of copyright-infringing CeCe Peniston’s iconic hit 90’s single – ‘Finally’ for her hit Juice, Lizzo may have a lawsuit on her hands.

Lizzo (real name Melissa Vivanne Jefferson), the 31-year-old singer, released her Juice in January 2019. Although the specific Juice didn’t set the charts on fire, it received endless airplay on radio, TV, and almost everywhere. But now, the song has been a subject of accusations of Copyright Infringement.

CeCe, the 50-year-old singer who released ‘Finally’ back in 1992, claims that features of Juice are similar to her song. She also shared a side-by-side comparison of a part of her song where she sings ‘Finally,’ alongside a particular part of Juice where Lizzo sings ‘ya-ya-ee, ya-ya-ee.’

CeCe’s caption, alongside her Instagram post, explains: the comparison between the two songs clearly shows that it is a copyright infringement case where Lizzo’s Juice is infringing ‘Finally.’

CeCe later added that this is a sensitive issue. She loves Lizzo’s music and artistry, but her concern is that lyrics and melody, which she wrote in her song ‘Finally,’ are now a part of Juice. She would like to resolve the issue positively without a nasty legal fight.

Although Lizzo is yet to respond to the allegations, it is not the first time when a singer has been alleged for copyright infringement. For instance, songwriter and producer Justin Raisen has recently alleged Lizzo for lifting the opening line, chords, and melody of her latest single – Truth Hurts from a song titled Healthy, which they had written together earlier this year.

Justin, in an Instagram post, said that they were never communicated about being credited for the profitable use of the parts of ‘Healthy.’ They have attempted to sort out the concern quietly for the past two years, asking for only 5% each but were shut down every time, Justin added in the last.

Currently, Lizzo is celebrating the success of Truth Hurts that has earned her the first No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. For more visit:

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