Meta Ventures Into Crypto & Metaverse By Filing New Trademark Applications

Meta Platforms Inc., formerly known as Facebook and currently doing business as Meta, has recently filed eight Trademark Applications that would enable its infinity loop logo to be used for crypto tokens and virtual exchange. This move by Meta indicates its interest to push deeper into virtual products and crypto-related services, which shall eventually help build an ecosystem around the Metaverse.

As announced by the Metaverse and Trademark Attorney Mike Kondoudis, the trademark applications filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) cover crypto tokens, financial trading, currency trading, blockchain software, virtual currency wallets, virtual currency exchange, and digital, crypto, and virtual currencies.

These eight trademark applications, if approved, would grant Meta the exclusive right to use its infinity loop logo for any or all of the previously listed ventures.

While these trademark applications were submitted to the USPTO on 18th March 2022, Meta hasn’t yet made any official announcement in this context. The only information available in this regard includes the tweet from Mr. Kondoudis and a press release on ExpertClick (a platform that connects experts with the news media).

Meta has been paying due attention to the Metaverse ever since its name change. Furthermore, it has been putting in a significant effort to create a functional ecosystem around this network of 3D virtual worlds. Justifying the name change, Meta explained in a statement delivered that this move is an attempt for the company to own the Metaverse along with the ecosystem that is still being built.

Mr. Kondoudis describes these trademarks filings as a reflection of Meta’s strategy for making its way into the Metaverse. According to him, these filings also signify that Meta has some crucial plans in mind for the virtual world. He even believes that this move would interest anyone and everyone involved in the virtual industry and the ones belonging to the financial sector.

Regardless of the popularity of the Metaverse and the word ‘Meta’ at large, the company holds the right to be the sole owner of the logo.

Since this move shows Meta’s plan to build an ecosystem around the Metaverse, investors can start expecting the announcement of their tokens and virtual exchange. For more visit:

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