Microsoft Secures Patent For An Environment-Friendly Artificial Reef Datacenter

Microsoft, an American Multinational Technology Company, has recently received a patent for its Environmentally Friendly Ocean Floor Artificial Reef Datacenter.

Till now, Apple Inc. is the top technology company dedicated to working on environmental issues, using robots to dismantle iPhones and MacBooks for scrap metals, using recycled materials in its devices, and setting up solar farms. Moreover, it will be the first organization to use carbon-free aluminum.

The recently granted patent covering Microsoft’s work on an apparatus for promoting marine life shows that the company is thinking of joining (following Apple) the trend of Silicon Valley. The apparatus mentioned in the patent issued to Microsoft in late December 2019 includes a datacenter implemented in a vast body of water. Besides, the apparatus is coupled to a network, one or more components that further coupled to the pressure vessel supporting the surrounding ecosystem, and a pressure vessel that houses the datacenter.

Microsoft’s patent 10,524,395 titled ‘Artificial Reef Datacenter’ was issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Microsoft, in its Patent Application, notified that the environmental concerns for the erosion of beaches, loss of active reefs, diminishing marine life, and other impacts have led to the installations of ocean floor artificial reefs in some areas. In general, artificial reefs are built by using objects originally developed for other purposes and then repurposed into an artificial reef. Nevertheless, these repurposed objects often raise additional environmental concerns like corrosion, and the introduction as well as the expansion of pollutants into the marine environment.

These repurposed objects also provide a less than ideal environment for the growth of reef inhabitants. Moreover, these can promote some reef life more than others, thus leading to an imbalance in the reef ecosystem. For instance, oil rigs often emit heat that creates a very warm surface inhibiting or otherwise challenging the growth for some types of reef life.

Examples and information provided in Microsoft’s Patent Application show a datacenter configured for operation while submerged in water and designed to incorporate components and features that actively attract the growth of reef inhabitants and promote marine life.

Active promotion of marine life may include:

  • Active behaviors of the datacenter, like dispersing nutrients or providing warmth in the surrounding environment
  • Datacenter design and structural decisions that lead to inviting structures and components for the colonization of marine life.

The recent patent grant appears as a great opportunity that allows Microsoft to turn its project titled Environmentally Friendly Ocean Floor Artificial Reef Datacenter into reality. Nonetheless, as no details reveal when the company would be going to do so, the world (people) can do nothing except waiting. For more visit:

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