Rogue Websites Restrained by Delhi HC from Using Amazon’s Trademark & Logo

Several rogue websites have been restrained by the Delhi High Court (HC) from using the trademark of the online marketplace, Amazon, and its logos or any deceptive variant that is identical or similar to the original mark. In this case, the Delhi HC noted that the activities of the said rogue websites have been causing financial loss to the innocent public. The Delhi HC also stated that it was of the view that the plaintiffs, including Amazon Seller Services Private Limited and its other companies, have made out a prima facie case for grant of ex parte ad-interim injunction.

According to Justice Jyoti Singh, the balance of convenience in this scenario lay in favor of the plaintiffs, and they were very much likely to suffer from irreparable harm in case the prayed-for injunction wasn’t granted. She further mentioned that the defendants’ unauthorized activities have been causing immense financial loss to the unsuspecting and innocent members of the public.

The Delhi HC, till the next date of hearing, has restrained the rogue websites in question, their owners, others acting on their behalf, or any individual/entity from using the mark ‘Amazon,’ ‘,’ or any other deceptive variant, similar or identical to the plaintiffs’, i.e., Amazon’s marks, in any way, leading to their infringement.

Moreover, the Delhi HC has directed the Department of Telecommunication and the Ministry of Electronics and Information to issue orders and notifications calling upon the different internet and telecom service providers registered under them to prohibit and block the access to the rogue defendants and websites identified by the plaintiffs in this case.

The Delhi HC’s interim order has come while hearing a Trademark Infringement lawsuit filed by Amazon Sellers Services Private Limited and its affiliates. The plaintiffs submitted that the rogue websites in question have been engaging in a pre-planned conspiracy to dupe and defraud innocent individuals by using Amazon’s marks without any authorization and illegally on the rogue social media accounts and websites operated by them or as part of the domain name registered by them.

In the lawsuit filed, Amazon specified that the said rogue defendants have been blatantly reproducing its website content and adopting a look and feel similar or identical to its official website, ‘’ It also mentioned that the defendants have been engaging in such deceptive and infringing activities to defraud innocent individuals looking forward to registering an ‘Amazon Easy Store.’ For more visit:

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