Samsung Files Patent for Hybrid Smartphone Design Capable of Folding & Sliding

As per various recent reports, the South Korean multinational corporation – Samsung is presently working on a hybrid smartphone design that can both roll and fold. The tech giant has filed a Patent Application for the same with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and it dates back to this year in June. The new hybrid smartphone design comprises both folding and rolling mechanisms. Samsung is already manufacturing foldable smartphones like Galaxy Z Flip3 and Fold3, both of which are readily available in the market. However, the corporation has not yet come up with a rollable smartphone.

Although many other companies and tech giants, in particular, have filed patent applications for rollable and foldable smartphones, Samsung is the first to file a patent application for a smartphone that is both rollable and foldable at the same time. As per the pictures that were spotted in the publication, the patent application depicts a smartphone with a rollable screen. What seems like is the smartphone is designed to roll out first and then fold in half.

According to what’s specified in the patent application, the design of this hybrid smartphone is defined as an electronic device that could conveniently carry out folding and sliding operations. The display screen can conveniently be slid to increase the size and folded at an angle. For making such a design functional, the smartphone shall consist of a hinge, used for folding, and a motor, used for sliding. These two mechanisms already exist individually in other smartphones available in the market. Along with this new patent, the tech giant is rumored to come up with its Flip4 and Fold4 devices during the third quarter of next year.

Currently, Samsung is one of the few companies that hold expertise in manufacturing fully-functional, real-life foldable smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 and Fold3 are considered the best-selling foldable smartphones across the globe. For manufacturing a smartphone with folding capabilities, the tech giant had to experiment a lot with different display materials and types. It did struggle to a great extent initially as its Galaxy Fold didn’t have a stable design, but now the company has improved immensely in this aspect.

Also, Samsung might be looking forward to incorporating curved screen technology into its smartwatches. The tech giant filed a new patent application this year on 2nd June with WIPO, covering the design of a smartwatch with a camera and rollable display. The application consists of 96 pages full of information and design plans for a rollable smartwatch. For more visit:

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