Innoviti Wins US Patent for Secure Communications in Payment Systems

When we talk about the safe transfer of payment information, communication security is a prime consideration, specifically from a consumer-facing product, such as a mobile app, website, or terminal, to a payment processing server for authorization. The occurrence of common security failures can result in a change of merchant identity, stealing of customer identity, and an alteration in the transaction amount. Such security failures can lead to a loss of money for the merchant and the customer, besides the inconvenience caused to the parties involved. Innoviti’s new patent promotes the progress of secure communications in payment systems.

The patent’s objective is to address some specific security challenges arising in push payment systems when the merchant identity capture is disconnected from the step of payment processing. Most widely recognized payment methods are pull-based, such as mobile payments online, card payments online or at some store, etc. The merchant, in this scenario, sends a debit request to the bank branch of the customer using a single connection-oriented protocol. The challenges arise in authenticating the genuine identity of the customer, which is validated through a second factor. On the other hand, the challenges arising in push payments are related to capturing the merchant’s identity. If there’s a possible hack of the merchant’s identity and its substitution with a fake one, the customer’s account shall get debited, and the fraudulent account shall get credited. A possible use case exists in unassisted QR payments, such as self-check-out or vending machines, where an unauthorized and random substitution of the QR can lead to this issue.

Amit Ahuja, Senior Vice President (Payments, Business Excellence, and Data Technology Head) at Innoviti, said that the company desires to become the purchase partner of the Indian citizens by helping them significantly in making better purchasing decisions. For doing the same, Amit stated that Innoviti keeps developing sophisticated technology and delivers the same through simple yet exceptionally crafted purchasing experiences, which are exceedingly arduous to put together. According to Amit, Innoviti’s patents display the sophisticated technology needed to deliver such experiences. He also mentioned that the company’s patents help safeguard its customers against claims of other parties and provide a mechanism for it to deter replication of its technology by the competitors in the market. He specified that Innoviti has more than 26 patents in its pipeline as of now and is planning to make a portfolio of 100 plus patents over the next couple of years.

Innoviti has also created a collaborative commerce platform that allows businesses to partner on payment transactions and transform them into powerful purchase tools, thereby helping customers buy better and more products. Brands, banks, and merchants come together on this platform to develop such purchase tools.

Innoviti’s uniPAYNext product processes over Rs 75,000 crore of annualized purchase volume and commands a pretty high dominant market share of 76% in the massive enterprise category, offering category-specific purchase tools to electronics, healthcare, fashion, and grocery merchants. For more visit:

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