Usain Bolt Moves to File Trademark Application for His Signature Victory Pose

More often than not, sportspersons have their signature victory poses, which they break out after a memorable point of their career, like Gareth Bale’s heart sign that he makes with his fingers and Lionel Messi pointing both fingers towards the heavens. Perhaps in the world, one of the most recognizable poses for the victory celebration belongs to Usain Bolt. The athletics icon has recently filed a Trademark Application for a logo showing his signature victory celebration pose. The retired Jamaican sprinter submitted the trademark application in question with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) last week.

Mr. Bolt is known worldwide for his signature victory move in which he leans back and gestures to the sky. He routinely struck the pose after setting world records and winning gold medals. He still holds world records for 100m and 200m, which makes him the fastest man in history.

The logo filed by Usain Bolt for obtaining Trademark Protection depicts the silhouette of a man in a unique pose with one arm bent and pointing to the head and the other arm raised and pointing upwards. According to the Trademark Filing, Mr. Bolt intends to use the logo on sports bars and restaurants and items including shoes, jewelry, and clothes.

As per a Washington DC-based Trademark Attorney, Mr. Josh Gerben, it makes utmost sense for Mr. Bolt to expand his business empire since he has now retired from the racing world. He further mentioned that the silhouette of Mr. Bolt’s victory pose is widely recognized across the globe. He feels that the Trademark Registration in question would enable the athletics icon to offer the items listed in the trademark application himself or license the exclusive right to use the trademark to third parties.

It was at the 2017 World Championships in London when the eight-time Olympic gold medalist retired from athletics. He could only manage to win a bronze medal in his penultimate race, the men’s 100m, before pulling up injured just as he began to hit the top speed at his final event, the 4*100m relay.

When Mr. Bolt was asked if he would consider returning to racing, he said that too many people retire and come back to the game only to make it worse or to shame themselves, and he wouldn’t ever be one of those people. For more visit:

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