YouTube must Face Lawsuits from Artists over Copyright Protection

A federal court in San Francisco has recently rejected YouTube LLC’s request to dismiss a contentious lawsuit filed by a group of content creators who believe that the American online social media and video sharing platform safeguards the interests of only big copyright holders such as music labels and major studios.

A United States district judge, James Donato, stated that YouTube couldn’t prove why the court should dismiss the lawsuit filed by ordinary copyright holders, led by Maria Schneider (Grammy-winning composer), at such an early stage of the case.

The attorneys for YouTube and its parent company Google didn’t respond to any comment immediately. Also, the attorneys for the plaintiffs didn’t respond to the request for comment.

In support of small copyright holders, Schneider sued the video-streaming giant in 2020 by arguing that the platform safeguards only big copyright holders from Copyright Infringement while allowing pirated content and material from others to draw in online users. According to the said group of small copyright holders, only major companies out there have access to YouTube’s advanced Content ID System to search for infringing content and block it automatically, while individual creators, on the other hand, are left out in the cold.

Last year, YouTube raised several arguments to dismiss the lawsuit in question. It told the court that the said group of small copyright holders had not recognized all copyright-protected content they were suing over. As per YouTube, the plaintiffs claimed the right to add new copyright to the lawsuit whenever they felt like it, thereby making their claims a moving target. YouTube even stated the group couldn’t prove that it owned some copyright-protected content at issue and failed to register others before suing.

Donato recently said that YouTube’s arguments were unavailing. He further mentioned that the lawsuit recognizes specific works whose copyright YouTube allegedly violated, and it was enough to give the video-streaming giant a fair notice of the claims.

Donato even dismissed YouTube’s arguments concerning the said group’s alleged failure to prove Copyright Registration and ownership. For more visit:

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