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In Maldives, there is no statutory trademarks law dealing with the mechanism of registration of trademarks.
The local resident companies and nationals of Maldives can file the trademark registration application before the Ministry of Economic Development as per the procedure whereas the foreign applicants have to publish a caution notice in the local newspaper of Maldives to secure the registration of their trademarks.
Yes, a foreign proprietor or a foreign entity can protect their trademark in Maldives by publishing a caution notice in the local newspaper of Maldives, thereby cautioning the public and trade about the ownership of a trademark.
  1. FOR LOCAL APPLICANTS: The following documents and information are required by the local applicants to file a Trademark application in Maldives: Power of Attorney Incorporation Certificate Applicant’s name and address Trademark Logo Trademark Class Details of goods and services.

  2. FOR FOREIGN APPLICANTS: A Cautionary Notice including the applicant’s name and address, Trademark Logo, Trademark Class and the details of goods and services is required by the foreign applicants to file a Trademark application in Maldives.

There is no procedure for initiating opposition proceedings in Maldives due to the absence of trademark law.
The renewal of a trademark in Maldives involves publication of the Trademark Cautionary Notice in the local newspaper after a period of every 3 years.
In the absence of trademarks law in Maldives, there is no provision for removal of a trademark because of non-use.