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  • A Geographical Indication is a form of Intellectual Property Rights which is used for distinguishing and differentiating the identity and originality of the product of the particular region or country.
  • GI is a measure to vouch for the standard and individuality of the IP secured product to mark the geographical location or country.
  • The protection regime related to GIs varies from country to country. There are countries which dispense the GIs security via the sui generis system, while the rest of the other countries where sui generis is not regulated, the GIs is secured under the certification marks.
  • We aid the IP right holders in fortifying the legal protection to their GIs as per the laid down laws and practices. Furthermore, we guide our clients in legal strategies against uncertified and the unsanctioned use of geographical indication by any restricted party in any way.
  • The team appraises the clients with the changes in National and Regional Laws.