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  1. Novelty / Utility searches: Our patent search includes the US, WIPO, EPO, KOREA, JAPAN and hundreds of foreign jurisdictions. We thorough search the Non-Patent literature, technical literature, manuals, books, articles and blogs.

  2. Patent Validity / Invalidity Search: An extensive search to verify the feasibility of the patent to determine whether the patent is impugned or not. Our report mentions the bibliography, relevant prior text. Furthermore, antecedent, enablement issue, noncompliance to the duty of disclosure, etc. are thoroughly examined to make the report more solid.

  3. Freedom-to-Operate / Clearance Search: In this step, we identify the enforceable patents and patent publications of the third party to evaluate the potential risk of infringement of IP rights. Disclosure is examined and compared along with the claim language of the patent.

  4. Claim Chart Construction: We take the responsibility of claiming the charting projects from almost every technical discipline, after determining the clients' requirements. The Claim charts include the analysis of the validity/invalidity, licensing and infringement support services.

  5. Invention Disclosure Development: We provide the inventor with the prior-art as part of invention development, which already exists in the domain to further polish the invention. A complete end to end support from the commencement of an idea of the prior art search to the patent drafting.

  6. Design Patent Search: Our team conducts the design search for a registered domain across the globe on a World-wide basis and various databases like Hague Express, Lacarno Classification based search, RCD Online and individual patent website.

  7. Patent Landscape: We also assist the clients with landscape reports to understand the specific domain, its technology, its strength, technological positioning and the filing trends.

  1. Patent Drafting: With the profound experience of managing patent drafting, we successfully understand, examine and draft the patent applications. Our astute Patent teamwork in a systematic way in innovating and providing the quality patent draft. We are well trained in the drafting provisional and non-provisional patent application of all kinds of domain related to science and technology.

  2. Patent Filing: We file the patent application in the effective post-filing way to reduce the risk of the formal rejection or any objection raised by the patent office. Our list of services includes the ordinary application filing, conventional application, PCT national and international phase application and the additional and divisional patent applications.

  3. Office Action Response (OAR): Our attorneys are well-equipped in managing to the objection raised by the local patent office. We dispense the three quality checks to maintain the quality of OAR intact- Technological inputs, technology reviews by the experts, Legal check by the patent agents and bibliographic formatting by peers with assured cost-effective advantage.

  1. IDS Generation: To help in Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) registration through uploading the docketing software and searching citation on the web. To aid the clients in the submission of the relevant background art to preserve the patent offices.

  2. File Wrapper Analysis: We also help in reviews and histories of patent file wrapper, searchable PDF’s along with the translations by the bulk orders or an email by a secure FTP.

  3. Patent Proofreading: We assist in figuring the mistakes in the patent through quality and control procedure with deep experience to maintain the assurance. We also aid in doing automated checks with manuals and investigation to determine and study the errors, keeping the owner's interest intact.

  1. Patent Annuity: We aid the clients in the patent rights annual maintenance services.

  2. Recordal: Our recordal services include the name /address, assignments, mergers and license changes of the owner.

  3. Translations: We also deliver in the services related to patent applications language interpretation.