All About the Trademark Registration in Maldives

A trademark is a type of Intellectual Property (IP), which includes a logo, brand name, or sign that can distinguish your products and services from those of others. Hence, Trademark Registration in Maldives or at any place is one of the best and legal ways to restrict others from using your unique mark. For instance, the logo of NIKE and its tagline JUST DO IT are registered trademarks, and therefore, cannot be used by any unauthorized user. In other words, no one can use this logo or tagline without the consent of the original owner.

A Registered Trademark can benefit the owner in several ways. For example, it reduces the chances of theft and misuse of original assets, creates the brand reputation and goodwill among the targeted customers, etc. So, we can say that trademarking your logo, sign, or name is an excellent means to enjoy remarkable advantages like:

  • Robust Trademark Registration Protection that keeps your assets secured against infringement
  • Better sales of your products and services by creating goodwill among consumers.

In view of the above merits, it is always recommended (even by the experienced IP Attorneys) to go for trademark registration as soon as you could. Nonetheless, trademark laws are country-specific, i.e., different nations have different laws. For instance, the Trademark Law of Maldives may not possesses the same rules as Trademark Law in India does. Hence, before proceeding to register a trademark, it is better to comprehend the law according to the country where you want to do so. Here, in this article, we will discuss the trademark registration in Maldives.

Indeed, there is no specific legislation that governs the Trademark Registration Process in Maldives. Here, the question arises – if there’s no specific law governing registered trademarks in Maldives, then how do people secure their trademark rights. And the answer is – the protection of trademarks in this country is obtained by the publication of the Cautionary notice in the newspaper in English or local language.

Trademark Registration Proceedings

As discussed above, the Trademark Protection in Maldives is acquired by publishing a cautionary notice in the leading newspaper. This notice can be published for multiple classes or a single class. The application can undoubtedly include products and services in any number of classes, but for each additional class, the applicant needs to pay additional charges. Power of Attorney isn’t required. The entire procedure to acquire trademark protection by using Cautionary Notice in Maldives may take around 2 to 4 weeks.

Although this procedure to obtain trademark protection doesn’t include filing, advertisement, and examination, the following information regarding the mark needs to be involved in the cautionary notice:

  • Name, status, address, and nationality of the proprietor
  • If the mark is a logo, then JPEG image of the same
  • Classes and specifications of relevant products & services.

Note that there is no limitation to the size of the cautionary notice.

Trademark Registration Duration and Renewal

Due to the lack of trademark law, the protection of trademarks in Maldives is obtained and used under common law, i.e., cautionary notice. Accordingly, there is no rule for the duration and renewal of trademarks. Nonetheless, the re-publication of the cautionary notice is recommended every two to three years.

Publishing a cautionary notice as per common law in Maldives is a way to make the public aware of the original owner’s ownership on the mark. Thus, the same can assuredly be brought to the Court in the case of Trademark Infringement. Hence, if you desire to enjoy the benefits of doing business in Maldives without any fear, cautionary notice is the safest and fruitful way. Be confident and go for this easy-to-get-protected option now. Nevertheless, if you face any difficulty or have any doubt, feel free to reach an experienced Trademark Attorney or Intellectual Property Law Firm in Maldives. These are the professional helping hands that will serve you with the best possible aid. Because of being familiar with almost everything to be used or avoid for ensuring robust trademark protection, they will keep you away from issues like the rejection of your request, infringement upon or violation of your mark, and many more. For more visit:

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