Australia’s Bega Cheese wins peanut butter packaging dispute against Kraft

Intellectual Property Rights

Australian company Bega Cheese finally ends a long-running legal battle with American food giant Kraft by owning the exclusive rights to the well-known peanut butter jar with a yellow lid. Initially, Kraft took the Australian company to the Federal Court alleging Bega engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct over the marketing of its peanut butter.

In 2013, the US food giant’s Australian subsidiary Krafts Food Limited was renamed Mondelez Australia. Mondelez Australia traded the Kraft brand and peanut butter packaging under a license agreement and after some time, in 2017, sold the peanut butter business to Bega Cheese which began selling it in a yellow-labeled jar with a lid and a red or blue peanut butter logo. But Kraft claimed Mondelez couldn’t sell the rights to use Kraft’s peanut butter packaging as their Intellectual Property Rights were obnoxiously violated by a company who merely had a license to use it. On Wednesday, the Federal court Justice David O’ Callaghan delivered his judgment by declaring that the rights transferred to Bega were part of the sales agreement between it and Mondelez. As a result, the Australian company is now “exclusively entitled” to use the current packaging of yellow lid, and red and blue peanut label. A further hearing will be held to decide orders and discussions about damages. More Visit: