Parus Files Second Lawsuit Against Samsung Alleging Patent Infringement

Parus Holdings Inc., a company specializing in creating voice-driven applications, has recently filed its second lawsuit alleging Patent Infringement against Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. in the US Federal District Court for the Western District of Texas. According to the lawsuit, Samsung has infringed upon Parus’ patents concerning device control and voice-browsing technology. The infringed upon patents, as mentioned in the lawsuit, include US Patent No. 6,721,705, US Patent No. 8,185,402, and US Patent No. 7,386,455. As of now, Parus is looking forward to seeking all available remedies, which include damages against Samsung for all of the sales it made by infringing upon the patents in question.

The lawsuit asserts that the infringement on the part of Samsung has been ‘willful.’ Parus now wants the Court to make Samsung pay treble damages along with its attorneys’ fees. It also wants Samsung to be permanently restrained from infringing upon the said patents.

This is the second time that Parus has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung over the use of Parus’ voice-user interface technologies for retrieving information. In 2019, Parus had filed lawsuits against Samsung, Apple, and Google in the Western District of Texas for patent infringement over the ‘431 and ‘084 patents. This case is still pending as it also involves the infringement of various other forms of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). Parus has asserted different patents in some other district court cases as well, which are at present pending in the Western District of Texas against Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

Taj Reneau, the Chairman and CEO at Parus, said in a recent statement delivered that the company holds a responsibility towards its shareholders and customers corresponding to the investments that it has made in coming up with innovative technologies. He further added that Parus, at all times, aims at vigorously safeguarding its valuable patent portfolio and other Intellectual Property (IP) assets. He also mentioned that Parus is now looking forward to presenting its case in court and prevailing in the said matter.

Parus Holdings, Inc. is a privately-held company founded in 1997 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. It is a pioneer of voice assistants and voice-enabled unified communications, which includes voice search, messaging, collaboration, and video and real-time communications for different mobile communities and even more than 50,000 business customers. What has kept Parus at the forefront of the voice communications industry for more than twenty years now include its patent solutions, its deep understanding of the requirements and challenges of potential customers, and its passion for delivering outstanding customer service. For more visit:

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