ProStar Wins Patent for Method that Prevents Damages while Excavating

ProStar, a Grand Junction-based company specializing in the development of precision mapping solutions, has quite recently received a patent for its computer-implemented method, which avoids damages in an excavation area. To be specific, the company has successfully secured a patent for a method, which helps significantly in preventing damages to the environment and utilities during maintenance, construction, and groundbreaking activities along with the damages caused by severe conditions, such as earthquakes, fires, and weather.

The Chief Executive Officer and President of ProStar, Page Tucker, is the co-inventor of the newly-granted patent. In a recent statement delivered, he said that the company is indeed pleased to add another exclusive patent to its Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio. He further mentioned that ProStar’s mobile and cloud precision mapping solutions are recognized as the world’s most advanced utility mapping solutions, and the issuance of another patent in this scenario proves the fact that the company is leading the industry across the globe in terms of research, development, and innovation.

Raymond Tabandeh, who is a partner with the Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie law firm (specializing in providing an enhanced and expanded range of services in IP, litigation, business transactions, to name a few), prepared and prosecuted ProStar’s newly granted patent. Quite recently, he stated that it is always gratifying to play a crucial role in the issuance of a patent for a client. He further said that the damages to buried utilities during excavation lead to a critical problem in both the United States and Canada, and in every other scenario where excavation is involved – the damage is primarily caused by the lack of availability of qualified data. According to Tabandeh, ProStar’s newly granted patent efficiently addresses all these concerns and issues.

ProStar combines mobile and cloud technologies with patented processes for creating geospatial intelligence software, which helps the government agencies, companies, and organizations in managing underground infrastructure. For more visit:

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