Red Bull Steps Into NFTs & the Metaverse With Trademark Application Filing

The metaverse, generally defined as a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection, has captured the attention and interest of many household brands across the globe in the past few weeks and months.

The latest company making a big transition into the metaverse is the Austrian energy drinks brand, Red Bull. The company filed a Trademark Application on 3rd March 2022, indicating its plans to enter the virtual reality world, metaverse, and offer branded Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The trademark application filed by Red Bull with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is under the Trademark Registration number 97293326.

Michael Kondoudis, a licensed metaverse trademark attorney, recently took this news to Twitter by revealing that Red Bull has plans to offer multimedia with NFTs (including both virtual and cryptocurrencies), drinks, clothing, sports gear, and financial exchange services, among many other products in the virtual environment.

The trademark filing suggests a possible Red Bull zone in the metaverse, where fans could conveniently buy clothing, drinks, and equipment and engage well in widely recognized Red Bull-sponsored adrenaline-sports activities.

Fans entering the metaverse could also have access to Red Bull crypto for purchasing products and availing of services. As already seen elsewhere, NFT holders may be able to redeem NFTs for attending concerts and sports events virtually along with real-life events.

When it comes to sports, Red Bull is a major sponsor in conventional sports games, including Basketball, Soccer, F1, and NASCAR. Although conventional sports have risen in popularity, Red Bull has been synonymous with extreme sports as well ever since its inception, including cliff diving, BMX & skateboarding, mountain biking, and freestyle skiing, which form an integral part of Red Bull’s Extreme Sports annual calendar.

The metaverse could enable sports fans and admirers to engage well with athletes and be present at events. It could also allow them to stay virtually active at Red Bull’s more extreme sports events alongside cliff divers and freestyle skiers.

It is worth mentioning that businesses, firms, and celebrities have been growing their presence in the metaverse for quite some time now, with Red Bull being the latest example of following this quickly growing trend.

Increased levels of investment in the metaverse and NFTs imply that individuals no longer need to be present in person at events. Art, fashion, film, music, sports, and many other industries have taken a step closer to entering this virtual world.

Fast-food restaurant chain McDonald’s, the American lingerie, clothing, and beauty retailer Victoria’s Secret, energy drink manufacturer Monster Energy, and the American multinational retail corporation Walmart have all entered the metaverse. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) also couldn’t withstand the attraction of the metaverse.

The number of NFT-based trademark applications filed in the United States climbed 421 times in 2021, which accounts for a significant gain when compared to just 03 in 2020. All in all, we can say that the opportunities in the metaverse are endless. For more visit:

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